The StarBorn Collection

The StarBorn collection is a series of signs that point towards your divine origin.  They are clues, they are landmarks, and they are reminders of the spirit that dwells within your physical body.  More than mere matter, this collection of illustrations celebrates your timeless heritage.

Within boundless and vacant space, a radiant star does shine.  Light stretches out into the darkness.  Heat pervades the cold. The hard and the soft, the dry and the wet, the young and the old, all emerge with electro-magnetic forces that animate the ever-unfolding expressions of our cosmos. It is the interplay of these opposing forces that constitutes all of existence – this is the dance of Nature. 

We are representatives of the harmonious opposition. We contain blood and bone, matter and mind. We are expressions of giving and receiving, mercy and severity, emotion and intellect, and we actively balance and synthesize these forces within us.  Our bound bodies harbour boundless minds. Each one of us embodies the infinity of the spirit within our finite bodies. 

You are a being of great power. With roots that outstretch time and space, you have a connection to the fundamental frequencies of the universe.

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